Frenquent asked questions

I am at Paraty or Angra, how do I get to the Adventure House?

Adventure House do not have a fisical shop, we work from our home office, aswering e-mails and telephone calls. The Rafting and the Floating goes on at Mambucaba, and we use the Pousada Aldeia do Mar to meet up. The others tours goes on at Paraty and the meet up point is at your accomodation.

Are the Adventure Sports dangerous?

Sure they are! Just like walking on the street, driving a car, sleeping on a hamock. The important is that your adventure is organized by a professional and experienced team that can that the risk to a minimum level. Some bruises and scratches can happen more often and a serious accident is rare, but not impossible.


What is Rafting?

Rivers descents with inflatable boats thru the rapdis.

What is Ducking?

Rivers descents with inflatable kayaks thru the rapdis.

What is Canyoning?

It is to explore rivers and waterfalls using vertical and swimming tecniques for progression.

What is Floating?

Rivers descents with inflatable boats where there is no rapdis, just calm waters to enjoy the landscape.

Do I need experience to do Canyoning, Rafting, Ducking, Tubbing, Kayak or Surf?

Absolutly not! Our mission is to initiate lay people into adventure sports. Before each activity, there is a theoretical and practical training that teaches the basics of the sport. Of course you should not go for the first time in a high water level rafting or surf on a beach with big waves. You need to not be afraid of water and for Canyoning is a desirable experience in abseiling or climbing, but if you do not have any, we can give you a pratice the day before.

Do I have to know how to swim to do Canyoning, Rafting, Tubbing, Kayak or Surf?

It's good to know how to swim, but is not essential. In training before the activity we will show the safety procedures and the instructors will give special attention to you.

Is it posible to do watersports in the winter?

Yes, it is. Brazil has great wheather even in the winter. We have wetsuites to provide in cold days.

I am at Paraty or Angra, how do I get to the Rafting Base?

The base is located at the Pousada Aldeia do Mar at Mambucaba, on the border of Angra dos Reis and Paraty, about 55 km from the center of Angra dos Reis and 45 km from the center of Paraty. At Km 533 of the BR 101, enter the Parque Mambucaba neighborhood and move on Av. Francisco Magalhães de Castro to the number 1315. click here for the map

Are discounts avaiable?

Adventure House gives discounts for groups of students. Clients that celebrates their birthday with at least 4 friends have a free day trip. We offer discount to book 2 or more activities. Discount when you pay cash.

How do I recognize a professional company?

Check how old the company is and if it is registred legaly. Ask about the gear and if they offer insurance. Ask about safety and if they have first aid courses. Clarify all your doubts before, your safety is more important that a few dollars. Brazil has great adventure tourism companies but be aware to companies that offer prices way lower than others.

How much the activities coast?

We have a page with all prices, Click here